The Box Fort РWritten & Directed by Brian Klewin

A single mom and her two kids construct a massive box fort with the empty moving boxes in their new home. After the power goes out, the mom is haunted by something demonic from inside the box fort.

Written and Directed by – Brian Klewin

Starring – Ashley Heller

Cinematography by – Tim Moder

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As a filmmaker I knew I had to capture this moment and this point in history with a film in my own way. I deal with trauma by watching movies, scary movies in particular so I knew that was the genre I wanted to explore visually through cinema. Maegan Rebecca and I shot this on Tuesday (3/24/20) during the Safer at Home order at our studio apartment. I worked tirelessly to edit everything together by Friday (3/27) so we could release the video while it was timely. I was able to collaborate remotely for score and sound design with the legendary Dave Olson and Scott Radke. They made this short film feel massive! I’d be honored if you watched and shared what we were able to accomplish in our studio apartment during the Safer at Home order. Stay healthy & safe everyone!

Rabbit Hole

A woman with a killer past gives the crown to her new love.

Filmed in one true continuous take.

Directed by: Brian Klewin

Music by: Saebra & Carlyle
Cinematography by: Derek Schmitt
Production Design: Amanda Mills
Hair & Makeup: Maegan Rebecca
Assistant Director: Joe Shea
AC: Tedd Piper
Gaffer: Tony Porter